Pottery by Jes: Studio 12

Meet Jessie Smith of Pottery by Jes, studio number 10 on our tour. Born and raised in Alleghany County, Jessie has a deep love and appreciation for the mountains and the locals that make up the fabric of our community. After being away for a year in photography school, Jes returned home as soon as she could. Realizing that photography was not her career path,she knew that doing something creative was meant to be. With her parents encouragement, an apprenticeship was set up with Mangum Pottery in 2010. By April 2011, Jes held her first Open House naming her business Pottery by Jes and “the rest is history.” Jes celebrates 10 years in business this year so how coincidental is it that she is number 10 on our tour! Come by Jessie’s studio during our October tours and celebrate her 10 years of creating beautiful functional pottery.

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness”-Anni Albers

Nature is a strong design element in Jessie‘s pottery. She loves to incorporate textures, trees, vines, leaves, indentations and other accents to make her work distinct. She strives to represent the beauty of these mountains using clay and glazes.As you step into Jessie’s clay studio you will see, as she describes it, organized chaos with wheel pieces and slab work covering the tables and shelves in various stages of production. Her sweet dog , Arlo , may wander in to greet you… and typically many genres of music will be playing in the background.One of the rewards for Jessie is to hear from customers how they use her pottery. Some customers use their pottery daily and others have special spots picked out for their pieces to be used as decoration. To know that a bowl, a mug, a platter, a casserole will be a treasure in someone’s home or part of a memory cooking and spending time with family is what keeps Jessie vibrant and inspired as she creates each piece of pottery.