Will Fernandez: Studio 9

Meet Will Fernandez studio number 7 on the tour. Originally from Las Villas, Cuba. His love for the mountains, rivers, and small town living brought him to Alleghany County. As a young child, his skills of drawing and sculpting were apparent. After a career in commercial art, at the age of 40 he promoted himself to strictly fine art. Will is an impressionist painter as well as a sculptor working with wood, stone, paper mache, and mostly raku clay. He enjoys making human form and a large variety of animals. His focus is mainly on movement, vigor and often humor.

While visiting Will’s work space you can likely catch him raku firing… a firing process that he enjoys showing his guests, and watching their reactions. As he takes the glowing hot sculptures out of the kiln, he then places them in sawdust where they burst into flames. He loves the response from his guests as they view this process for the first time

“it is easy to say ‘follow your dream’, but dreams can be extremely costly in too many ways to mention…but once in a great great while…” -Will Fernendez